Whether you are looking for a family holiday or to celebrate a special occasion then the farmstead owned by Jonas and Nijole Čepai is the ideal place to come to. Our farmstead is located near the village of Agluonenai and is surrounded by 2 parks "Atgimimo" (created to honor Lithuanian Independence from USSR) and "Lietuvininku" (created to honor Lithuanians who lived in Klaipeda region while it was occupied by Germans before WWII). This distinctive farmestead is resting on a slow-moving banks of a beautiful river "Agluona".

There are a lot of recreational activities for everybody here: during the summer time you can eat in the bar "Karčema", enjoy and have lots of fun in our unique sauna facilities, stay over night in our cottage, take a walk and play in a recreational park, and even celebrate special occations in our banquet hall (wedings,aniversaries and christenings).


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